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Reason says, “I am the proof for every phenomenon.”

Love replies, “I am the king of all existence.”

Reason says, “I am aware of all good and evil.”

Love replies, “I travel far beyond these.”

Reason says, “I am the guide to the way of being.”

Love replies, “I am the trailblazer towards non-being.”

Reason says, “I am the custodian of existence.”

Love replies, “I am free from existence and non-existence.”

Reason says, “I am the law that governs the firmament.”

Love replies, “I have transcended the limits of dimensions.”

Reason says, “I am a king who has won many battles.”

Love replies, “I am the ruler of hearts and souls.”

Reason says, “I read about the discoveries of all things intelligible.”

Love replies, “I know the science of the unknown.”

Reason says, “I save everyone from danger.”

Love replies, “I am safe in the midst of danger.”

Reason says, “I am the guide, who is knowledgeable about the path.”

Love replies, “I am on the path that leads to a place with no address.”

Reason says, “I am the symbol of honor.”

Love replies, “I am traceless and as low as dust.”

Reason says, “I am learned and have attained many things.”

Love replies, “I am in pursuit of union alone.”

Reason says, “I am clever and have many talents.”

Love replies, “I have nothing to do with your talents.”

Reason says, “I am well-informed and highly educated.”

Love replies, “I know nothing of this and that.”

Reason says, “I engage in debates and argumentation.”

Love replies, “I am involved only with ecstasy and spiritual states.”

Reason says, “I am the lamp for the wretched.”

Love replies, “I am the light bestower who sets hearts on fire.”

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