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When someone enters God’s assembly on the feet of sincerity,

all his existence follows his heart.

He hangs neediness on the tall gallows,

annihilates himself for the Friend and vanishes altogether.

He pours down God’s wine of Unity into the goblet of his being,

takes “I” and “you” and turns them into “He”!

By the decree of the heart, he is liberated from the confines of the ego;

he removes the veil of “we” and “you” and becomes God.

He is no longer a traveler on the path, 

          but a lover with no religion and a lost heart.

His existence and non-existence are now merged with the light of the Friend.

His eyes become illuminated with the light bestowed by God.

No longer is there other than Him; no longer is there “I” in sight.

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