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The Image of Existence

Come, so we can wash away the image of existence

          and no longer speak of “I” and “we.”

Come, and like us eliminate your thoughts,

          forget both worlds and be silent.

Come, shun the shame of knowing

          and remove all learning from your head.

Come, so we can transcend what can be said

          and blind our eyes to all there is to see. 

Come, we will be strangers to all

          and seem mad in the eyes of the rational.

Come and we’ll empty ourselves of self

          and leave behind the disgrace of “I.”

Come, so we can welcome unfulfillment

          and banish self-interest from our hearts.

Come, let’s drown in the Ocean of Unity,

          free from all thoughts of union and separation,

as this world, which is no more than what is old and what is new,

          is not even worth a grain of sand.

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