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For one who sees truly,

          love’s pain is itself the remedy.

But this mystery is revealed

          only to those afflicted with it.

That lover who has left the realm of the self

          is a stranger to all.

How then could he ever

          be cunning?

Love is an attraction that drags multiplicity

          away from the heart;

the spirit of Unity that it bestows

          is free from all desires.

Love is a ladder

          on the path toward God,

a ladder to that place where

          “God is wherever you look.”

Only “I am God” is ever uttered

          at the stage of love;

this secret is known

          to none other than God.

Do not conceive of love

          as a pain without cure;

love is a snare set by God —

          a sanctuary, not a calamity.

O Nurbakhsh, since the lover

          has no awareness of self,

to say he is cunning

          would be a grave mistake.

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