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The Law of Loving-Kindness

By the law of loving-kindness,

          this I have decreed:

any mystic’s claim that is based on intellect

          is void.

Perfection captivates

          and absorbs imperfection;

he who is not offended by imperfection

          is, in truth, perfected.

The seeker of shores

          will never drown in the ocean of love;

one who seeks dry land

          is not a lover.

Although on the way of the lover

          there is none but the Beloved,

rapture and attraction, effacement, extinction

          and sobriety are also states to be experienced.

The eye of discrimination is blinded

          by the light of union;

he who imagines himself united with the Beloved

          has no discernment.

The wine drinkers are drunk and enraptured

          with the cupbearer at their side.

Here, anyone who remains sober

          is guilty of negligence.

O Nurbakhsh, we spent our days

          in the worship of wine

since we learned that life without wine

          is lived in vain.

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