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Searching for Love

My soul has detached itself

          from the people of the world

and is at peace,

          away from the chatter of this world.

My heart was a servant of people

          for so many years;

having suffered much,

          it now shies away from them.

For a lifetime my heart has been occupied

          with the pursuit of love,

but I found no one

          who could appreciate love.

Truly I discovered

          that mankind is full of evil,

and he has not picked a single flower of goodness

          from the garden of humanity.

Every moment he dreams up and imagines

          something different,

rather than listening

          to what he is being told.

He does not honor his vows,

          and for this reason

each one sets off somewhere

          to follow his own desires.

I saw the person who had given

          the hand of friendship to Nurbakhsh

hiding in a corner

          with his hands withdrawn.

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