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All these wondrous forms in the world

          are from Him.

This joyful and embodied imagination

          is also from Him.

Eyes are from Him, light from Him,

          the power of sight is from Him.

Seeing and the seen are from Him,

          our insight into this world is entirely from Him.

Resolve is from Him, strength from Him,

          action too is from Him.

The path is from Him, coming and going,

          every step and each arrival, all are from Him.

Generosity and being are from Him,

          cause and effect are from Him.

Joy and grief are from Him,

          the wound is from Him, the salve too from Him.

The cage and the shackles are from Him,

          bait and snare are from Him.

The bird is from Him, the garden from Him,

          the high- and low-keyed melodies also are from Him.

I am from Him, home is from Him,

          service and aspiration are from Him.

Wealth is from Him, the generosity of hand from Him,

          the warmth of the hearth is from Him.

All of creation subsists through the aspiration

          of love.

The binding of atom with atom and all the particles

          of the cosmos are from Him.

Nurbakhsh, from whom

          is your warmhearted breath?

If you listen I will tell you,

          this, too, is from Him.

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