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This existence of yours derives

          from another source;

everything noteworthy in the world exists

          through Him.

There is no sign of “other than God”

          in the realm of Unity;

through His radiance every trace appears

          in full beauty.

How long will you remain captive

          in the prison of the self?

Break the ego’s cage

          if you are artful enough!

Why boast of your intellect, which

          in a lifetime yields nothing?

Cling to love, for it alone bears

          worthwhile fruit!

Without love, there would be no trace

          of this world’s existence.

All existence, whether verdant or barren, is manifest

          through love’s intervention.

This self you rely on is

          but a veil;

remove the veil of your self

          and you will see the Other.

The light that bestowed life upon

          all the heavens

comes from the bewitching breath of the One

          with a transforming glance.

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