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The Fire Temple of Love

We bring good tidings to those

          without news.

The news we bring is from Him;

          we ourselves have nothing to say.

After Unity has staked Its claim,

          there is a fire temple

in the realm of the heart,

          with its flame still blazing.

Our retreat is renowned

          the world over,

for enamored people

          can be found here.

Since we know how to sacrifice our heads

          and break the self,

let everyone know

          that we do indeed possess an art.

In the garden of loving-kindness,

          we are a barren and leafless tree.

Only through our burning

          shall we bear fruit.

It was our heart’s blood

          that gushed from our eyes.

Therefore, our eyes are inspiring

          and keen in perception.

If Nurbakhsh is forgiven,

          it is because

there is a burning fire in his heart,

          which is intimate, passionate and warm.

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