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The Lantern of Love

Wine is forbidden to those not languishing

         half drunk at the banquet of the soul.

This is a decree of the master of the holy fire,

         not a religious doctrine.

Whoever follows us on the feet

         of surrender and contentment

is not excused if he finds fault

         with what we do.

To whom should I say this? No one has

         enough enthusiasm for traversing the path,

though the path of love is easy

         and the goal not far.

Put aside cleverness and sobriety,

         be full of yearning!

The secrets of the heart-ravishers

         are not concealed from lovers.

Many are near, yet in truth are far,

         far away from us;

many are far away but

         not really separated from us.

In the darkness of multiplicity

         what guide is there but love?

With the lantern of love there is

         no gloom in the pitch black night.

O Nurbakhsh, do not reveal the secrets

         of the rendan to the pious ascetics —

those captains have no light

         at the bows of their ships.

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