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There Is Naught…

Nothing but the light of God

         is apparent.

At every place and in every direction

         only He is manifest.

He remains as He was

         in the beginning.

Other than Absolute Being,

         nothing in the world truly exists.

What appears to your eyes is but

         an imaginary form.

Don’t rely on this fantasy,

         for to do so is futile.

Abandon other skills, and seek only

         that of love.

No other skill in the world

         is worthwhile.

Of all the opportunities in life,

         only the one presented by love is fruitful.

Of all the seeds that could be sown in the ground,

         only the seed of love bears fruit.

Each moment, every particle of the world

         comes alive through love.

How can eyes that lack true vision

         perceive this?

If the True Beloved bestows light

         upon you,

the world will have no news

         of your existence.

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