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The Pavilion of Unity

My heart’s passion for You allows

         for no other desire;

it pines only to be sacrificed

         in Your cross-like curls.

Moses, bewildered by the fire burning

         in the Sinai of my heart,

does not even hope

         for an ember.

Once we know You, we cannot know

         anyone else;

in fact, when I look closely, there is no one

         other than You.

In the field of Oneness I’ve set up

         my pavilion of Unity.

Thank heavens! No mullahs or militia

         are allowed there.

I am lost in the realm of bewilderment,

         and in that desert

there are no tracks from any caravan

         and no sound of the camels’ bells.

O worthless ascetic! Stop your

         pretentious display!

A fly does not belong

         in the realm of the phoenix.

The light that is bestowed

         upon the firebrand rendan

will not illuminate the path

         for every useless rascal.

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