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The world and everything therein

          should not be overvalued;

whoever becomes God’s friend

          is not concerned with other than Him.

The mullah heard the story of love

          and called it mere fiction;

I told the same story of love to the mountain

          and saw its heart grow restless with agitation.

A heart that does not love

          is neither pure nor sincere.

How could one who has no beloved

          know anything about fidelity and love?

Why trust the pledge

          of worldly people?

A slave of caprice is not constant enough

          to keep his word.

The intellect promised me

          an earthly kingdom,

but it does not know that a runaway heart

          places no hope in the world.

Ask the selfish, ignorant mullah,

          why all these boastful airs?

The ways of arrogance and ostentation

          are nothing to be proud of.

On the path of fate

          Nurbakhsh fell into a trap

from which he is neither willing

          nor able to escape.

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