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Love’s Existence

From love, existence has come to possess

          a wondrous fervor and music —

the heart of every seemingly worthless atom

          contains God.

Not only the dust dwellers

          stricken with grief for Him have purity of heart —

wherever love pitches its tent,

          that place becomes serene.

Be a servant of the master of the Magi,

          for in the realm of baqa

only those are truly alive who have received from him

          the sanction of fana.

Abandon self-worship, my friend,

          for no one with

any trace of self shall enter

          the presence of the Friend.

The tavern’s retreat

          is a safe place indeed,

with healing water

          and a rejuvenating atmosphere.

One can’t receive a cup from the cupbearer

          through mere desire —

only those with true yearning

          are granted this wine.

Nurbakhsh, stop seeking a remedy.

          Be at rest,

for this pain of ours

          has no cure.

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