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Those Without Love and Purity

One can’t rely on those

          who have no purity and love;

one should not let oneself be ridiculed

          by every aimless fool.

Avoid entering the tavern

          of the Magi for as long as you can,

but once you set foot there,

          don’t question anything.

No one has ever arrived

          at the final destination,

yet one should not stop striving

          on the way to this goal.

In that banquet

          where one can’t tell beggar from king,

one cannot speak of “up” and “down”

          or “we” and “you.”

Never claim the title of “dervish”

          and “Sufi” for yourself,

for in this valley of bewilderment

          one must be without “I” and “you.”

Don’t take love for a toy;

          don’t laugh at the lovers.

In this arithmetic

          one cannot add two and two so simply.

O Nurbakhsh, once again

          you have spoken of love —

this is the pain

          that nothing can cure.

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