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In God’s work one cannot

          question anything;

one cannot talk of “I” and “you”

          on the spiritual path.

Though we are the people

          of loyalty and purity,

one cannot remain serene with those

          who are disloyal.

O expert on the canon law,

          we know you well —

you cannot deceive a sincere Sufi

          with your hypocrisy.

Be a reformer of yourself,

          for in the school of integrity

one cannot invite others to rectitude

          through faulty means.

O hypocrites, while worshiping

          all these idols

one cannot call out, 

          “God! God!”

As God has granted the chance

          of a few more days,

one cannot continue for years

          with highway robbery.

We heard Nurbakhsh saying

          to himself,

“One cannot be oppressive and cruel

          to God’s creation.”

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