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Only by the sword of love

          will my heart be torn to shreds

and my eyes become

          fountains of my heart’s blood.

Our hearts cannot contain

          anything but His fire.

Without His Qur’an-like face

          my heart cannot be split into thirty parts.

I am a lover in a wretched state,

          so don’t imagine that I am idle.

Whoever is a lover

          is never without work.

He who has become a Majnun due to Layli’s face

          will not go insane;

one who is lost in His district

          will not become an aimless wanderer.

The rend will not remove his lips

          from the goblet’s rim,

while the sheikh, in his sobriety,

          will never taste wine.

The one enraptured by His face

          will be firm in love;

he journeys within himself,

          and will not become a vagabond.

By the pure love of God

          the lover is innocent,

and the soul within him

          will never become a tyrant.

If light is bestowed

          it is because that enraptured one

will never stop waiting by

          the tavern door.

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