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The Prayer Niche of Supplication

The one who was made

          the prayer niche of supplication

has been a confidant of the secret

          from the first day of creation.

To hide the beauty of the Truth

          from the creation,

a hundred different illusory forms

          were created.

Some people were created for joy

          and pleasure,

others for burning

          and melting.

The mystic was created for non-being,

          helplessness and humility,

the mullah for asceticism 

          and prayer.

To clear away “I” and “we”

          on the way of love,

a rising and falling path

          was created.

To turn a traveler towards

          the Kaaba of his goal,

the shur, nava, turk and hijaz melodies

          were created.

I know Nurbakhsh

          is kind to his foes,

though it is for kindness to friends

          that he was created.

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