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The Divine Reed Player

Clear the way

          so that those with self-existence

can leave

          and the annihilated ones can enter!

The former remain slaves

          and victims of themselves;

the latter have pawned themselves in

          God’s sanctuary.

Those without love

          remain deprived of the Truth —

having sown no seeds,

          what can they reap?

Emptied of self,

          like the reed pipe,

Sufis listen

          to the Divine Reed Player.

The clever, though they boast

          about their intellects,

run around in despair

          in every direction.

The mystics who are unaware of self

          have become

oblivious to what is outmoded

          and detached from what is fashionable.

If lovers ever revealed

          the secret,

intellectuals would bite their nails

          in bewilderment.

Those radiant beauties

          who speak of love

bestow light

          wherever they go.

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