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In pre-eternity no face existed

          other than Your beautiful countenance,

and there was no direction to travel

          except towards You.

You fell in love

          with Your own face,

for there was no beloved

          as lovely as You.

You saw plainly Your face

          in Your own mirror,

untainted by tresses

          and curls.

Even now, there is no beloved

          separate from You.

Without You the world would

          lack color and fragrance.

The image of existence came into being

          through the curve of Your eyebrows;

if You didn’t exist, there would never be

          any endeavor or seeking.

There is nothing other than You

          in all manifestations of being;

no idol or temple would have existed

          without You.

The bestower of light is none

          other than You,

and this “I” and “you”1 is nothing

          other than a pointless commotion.

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