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From love for You,

          I am more crazed than any madman,

for in beauty You are more precious

          than any pearl.

Compared to conventional reason

          we are mad,

yet, in this world we are wiser

          than any sage.

Within my heart and soul, every breath

          I become more intimate with You.

Yet I see myself more alien to You

          than any stranger.

Do you know why I see the Truth

          manifest with the soul’s eye?

It is because I saw that other than the Truth

          is more of a fable than any fiction.

We sacrificed our heart and soul,

          offering the self as the price,

for in our eyes You were lovelier

          than any other beloved.

I fell into the trap of the pre-eternal hunter,

          bewildered until post-eternity.

Now, my bird-like heart is more homeless

          than any nestless bird.

O Candle of the gathering of the people of heart,

          O Bestower of inner light to physical forms,

I burn in Your fire more ardently

          than any moth.

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