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O Ravisher of my heart, I shall not ask You

          to unveil Your face;

rather grant me this favor —

          remove the veil from my eyes!

Wreck my self-seeing nature

          so You may behold Yourself in me.

What I mean is this:

          cast a glance at this hapless wretch!

No drop has ever seen the Ocean

          with its own eyes;

seek an eye from the Ocean,

          then see the water.

In the realm where they drink from

          the fountain of Your Essence,

snatch our being and cast it

          into the river of wine!

If you seek God,

          grasp and hold onto love,

but if you pursue vain desires,

          then keep looking every which way.

In the creed of God’s rendan

          reproach is wrong;

unless you are a hypocrite,

          close your lips to all rebuke.

Since love has nothing to do

          with wakefulness or sleep,

O Nurbakhsh,

          drunkenly spread your bed!

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