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The Creed of the Rendan

Sacrifice your soul on the quest for the Beloved:

          fidelity is this, no more.

Be selfless in His district:

          purity is no more than this.

To become His intimate,

          render yourself selfless,

cast away “I” and “we”:

          fana is no more than this.

Be courageous in annihilation

          and forget this effacement;

if fana is forgotten,

          baqa is no more than this.

As long as you are conscious of self in your remembrance of God,

          you are heedless of God.

Seek silence:

          the gnosis of God is no more than this.

Be content with the will of the Friend

          and surrender to fate:

the path and the custom

          of sincere lovers is no more than this.

Passion, yearning, craving and rapture

          are limitations and signs of imperfection.

The perfected one is annihilated:

          our aim is no more than this.

O Nurbakhsh, in the creed of the rendan

          there is no discourse,

but if you must speak, what’s been said here

          is sufficient — but no more than this!

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