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Ask about my state when you have

         set aside “I” and “we.”

Come without self, then ask

         about the state of a selfless friend.

Go with sincerity

         to the lovers’ tavern of ruin,

then ask the master

         about the mystery of fana and baqa.

Give away your own existence

         on the path to the Beloved,

then in the district of nothingness ask

         about fidelity and purity.

Let go of your desires, surrender to God’s command

         without seeing yourself,

then ask

         about contentment.

Without the pain of love, don’t go searching

         for remedies;

ask about medicine when you become afflicted

         with pain for Him.

Whatever problem you encounter

         on the path of love,

seek in yourself

         its cause and significance.

Turn your back on learned lectures

         about this world and the hereafter,

then go before the bestower of light and ask

         for discourses about God.

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