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The Silence of Solitude

I have left behind my friends and homeland

          and have chosen

the dark night

          as my intimate companion.

Through remembering the Friend,

          I abandoned the restless crowd;

I am tranquil now, at rest

          in the lap of silence.

I am a stranger to acquaintances

          and no longer conscious of myself;

I spin in orbit

          on the other side of the cosmos.

Like Moses, I am lost

          in the valley of fana,

searching in bewilderment

          for the flames of a fire.

Like one who has been left behind

          by the caravan,

I look everywhere

          for the dust cloud left by a rider.

I was an image on water,

          then the wave of fana surged;

I have taken to my heels,

          running from the ocean.

I have lost Nurbakhsh,

          yet I do not seek news of him

so no one can tell me

          that I am in pursuit of something.

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