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Since the day I made a pact

          of love with You,

I have been joyful, having given my heart

          to a crafty, drunken Turk.

Your sun-like face

          has turned my breast into a fire-temple,

since I have given my heart

          to a fire-worshiper.

To conquer the land of the heart

          with the sword of love,

I have defeated on every front

          the army of “I” and “we.”

Every moment my Beloved traverses

          from pre- to post-eternity.

Indeed I have thrown my heart at the feet

          of a swift heart-ravisher.

In the battle of love,

          I detached my heart from the world;

I have given Him the trophy

          of my own obliteration.

So that my Mansurian wine

          may render a whole world drunk,

I let my heart swim in blood

          and gave my body to the noose of the gallows.

I am the bestower of light,

          freed from concern for my own being or non-being,

since I gave up my own existence

          for the love of the True Being.

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