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In remembering You,

          I gave up both worlds;

for your sake,

          I gave up all “I” and “we.”

When my heart became detached

          from everything but You,

in drunkenness

          I gave up existence entirely.

Since You compassionately

          called me to Your district,

I gave up

          every wish and desire.

When the image of Your face

          appeared from every side,

I gave up

          all spiritual states and stations.

I found You to be the peace

          of my impassioned soul;

then I gave up

          all sorrow, pain and cure.

I embraced Your affirmation

          when I surrendered my head

on Your path;

          I gave up negation.

Nurbakhsh wants You

          for Yourself.

Therefore, he says,

          “I gave up this world and the hereafter.”

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