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Good news, friends! I am freed

          from the bonds of “I” and “we”;

in His inner chambers

          I became privy to every secret.

I have forgotten the fables

          in the book of reason;

I am a love story,

          and I originated from love.

My head was filled with desire

          for the crown of madness,

so I joined the lovers who have lost their hearts

          and gambled away my life.

To hear graceful words

          from that blossom-like mouth,

I kept company

          with the beggars at His door.

O Beloved, I am the same silent lover,

          separated from You —

it is only for You and through Your expression

          that I have become so eloquent.

I have no interest in

          the art of poetry —

it is only out of desire for You that I have spent

          a lifetime composing such rhymes.

Through the Beloved’s breath

          Nurbakhsh was singing drunkenly:

“Your words have been flowing from my mouth

          ever since I became intimate with You.”

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