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Tonight I am crazy, crazy

          with desire for You.

This impassioned heart of mine

          is fervently longing for You.

My strength and endurance

          have both run out;

now I am waiting, with expectant eyes,

          for sublime aspiration from You.

Your face

          is turned towards others

as if unaware that my gaze

          is fixed upon Your lovely stature.

You wander about drunkenly,

          disregarding me,

as if unaware

          that all I care about is You.

O potency of every wine,

          O motivator of every yearning!

My soul-inflaming intoxication

          comes from Your blood-red wine.

O Spirit, O You with the breath of Christ,

          O object of man’s adoration!

My heart lies crucified

          in Your curls.

Night has departed, dawn is here,

          and I am drunk, while You lie languishing;

yet still this impassioned head of mine

          has fixed its eyes on Your azure goblet.

Due to separation from You, O source of all desire,

          I have melted away,

heading towards Your ocean

          afloat on the flood of my tears.

Out of friendship and generosity,

          forgive Nurbakhsh,

for tonight I am crazy, crazy

          with desire for You.

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