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O Beloved, You are my helper;

          I fly towards You

and tear this bodily garment

          from my soul.

There is no profit

          in “I” and “you”;

it is best to leave it all


Let me sit and surrender my head

          at Your feet;

let me rise and deliver my soul

          to Your hands.

Let me foster the longing for You

          in my head,

wipe all but consciousness of You

          from my heart.

Let me borrow another eye

          from You

and see Your visage

          with Your eye.

Every place I pass by

          I see You present;

I’m a nobody, head over heels

          in love with You.

I am ready to be sacrificed

          to Your countenance,

for I have lost all news

          of myself.

When You bestow light upon me,

          I shall fly

with Your wings, in Your abode,

          with no self.

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