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The World and The Spiritual Realm

I am my own veil

          and the goal of my heart.

I bring all this pain

          and suffering on myself.

Who am I? I am naught,

          no need to ponder.

There is only one Being, and He

          is expressing this point through my mouth.

Let me tell you openly,

          I have no mouth;

He is my eyes, my ears,

          and all my limbs.

Forget Greek philosophy and the mysteries

          of the spiritual realm;

in truth, He, not I, is all there has ever been

          and all that really exists.

Who am I? A fancy, a dream,

          an image on water.

It is only through habit

          that you see me in my body.

He is unveiled and manifest

          in every marketplace;

but I, an impassioned one,

          have become an enduring fable.

The Truth is the bestower of light

          to everyone, everywhere.

It is not my fault

          if you have not comprehended my words.

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