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Who am I to assert myself

          before You,

or to talk to anyone

          of my love for You?

I am that zero

          that is counted as naught;

considerations of inner journey and outer conduct

          no longer apply.

I am too lowly

          to even make known that I am naught;

don’t ask me to observe the secret

          and prevent its revelation.

From pre- to post-eternity

          there is clearly one Being alone;

if I talk about body and soul,

          it is all just a fiction.

I have seen plainly

          that He is both the idol and the idol-worshiper.

So why should I speak

          of the idol-breaker?

O mullah, I cannot discern belief from unbelief!

          Be silent,

or I might divulge your secret

          in public.

I have had no news of Nurbakhsh

          for many years,

and have forgotten

          how to be conscious of self.

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