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The Epiphany of Your Beauty

For an entire lifetime

          I have been continuously absorbed by You,

adapting to the good and the evil

          of the people of this world, for Your sake.

The epiphany of Your beauty

          has never changed,

and I, too, am the same lover

          who lost his heart to You.

I am but the dust

          that settles in Your quarters;

I am the wax

          that has melted in Your hand.

In Your district I sought refuge

          from attention to anything other than You;

I flew away from myself

          towards You.

I have closed my heart’s eyes

          to both worlds

ever since I first looked

          upon Your lovely face.

It has been said we must know ourselves

          to know You —

I have known no one

          other than You.

You have been occupied much

          with Nurbakhsh,

and I, too, have been absorbed by You

          for an entire lifetime.

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