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The Land of “We” and “You”

I have left

          the land of “we” and “you.”

Now I sit waiting

          for a side-long glance from Him.

I have uttered nothing in my whole life

          apart from the talk of love.

Never have I hurt the feelings

          of even an ant in anger.

Having gone through the annals

          of time and space,

I feel bored with acquaintances

          and weary of strangers.

I have shredded the scrolls

          of leadership and guidance,

and shattered the mirror

          of discipleship and masterhood.

Inform all idolaters

          of my state;

I have become free from the idol of me

          formed by your imagination.

I have erased the traces of phenomena

          from the tablet of my soul,

and untied the attachments to everything

          except God from my heart.

Not only have I cut the bond

          of masterhood and leadership,

I have also leapt out of the trap

          of existence all together.

He has been my bestower of light


ever since I left

          the land of “we” and “you.”

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