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The Work of Loving

I’ve had no beloved

          since pre-eternity except You;

I’ve been involved with no one

          other than You.

You’ve always been occupied

          with others;

I’ve found no peace

          with anyone but You.

I found tranquility

          in the lasso of Your tress;

I’ve had neither the thought

          nor the ability to flee.

The motion of all existence

          is in Your hands;

I’ve had no orbit or motion

          without You.

You are Your own lover;

          there is no other being but You.

I who have lost my heart to You 

          have no friend or homeland.

Your being is the bright day

          hidden from my eyes;

without Your face

          I have seen only dark nights.

O Light Bestower of the soul,

          in this music-making universe,

my lot has been mournful sighs

          with every breath.

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