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The Palace of Loving-Kindness

As soon as we entered the realm

          of loving-kindness and compassion,

we trampled the stuff of impermanence

          and pre-eternity, too.

We washed away the image of other things

          from the mind

until we spoke of our fidelity

          before the Beloved.

Sincerely, we tore away the veils

          of identity and fame

and out of love pitched our tent

          beyond existence and non-being.

The gold of the realm of possibilities

          increased in value

when we minted the coins

          of purity and love.

Ecstatically, we demolished

          the edifice of selfhood

and with the hands of yearning built

          the palace of loving-kindness.

We ignored the distinctions

          of custom and religion;

in love, we banished thoughts of quantity and quality

          from the kingdom of the heart.

By remembrance of the Friend, we were saved

          from the plight of multiplicity;

from the ocean of “no god,” we arrived

          to raise a banner on the shore of “but God.”

The khaniqah of compassion and fidelity

          is no place for debate;

we erased from the book

          all that was not about the Friend.

We walked the land of loving-kindness

          and compassion,

where His sun-like face

          bestowed light to the soul.

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