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Beauty’s Customer

Though I became a customer

          of Your beauty,

It was You who made me yearn

          to meet You in the first place.

When I saw Your seditious

          and narcissus-resembling eyes,

I became afflicted

          and kept company with pain.

I lost my self-existence

          in Your district;

I surrendered my heart

          and followed my beloved.

I surrendered myself joyfully

          to both Your kindness and Your wrath

ever since you extracted

          the confession from us.

Who am I

          to negate myself?

Your manifestation

          caused that negation.

Spiritual wayfaring and social conduct,

          wayfarer and path,

are all illusions; I feel destitute

          and weary of them all.

Pre- to post-eternity

          is but one breath;

Nurbakhsh was heard saying,

          “It is as if I never existed.”

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