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Drunk from Intimacy with You

Yearning for You has been lodged in my heart

          all my life;

my heart is attached

          to Your crucifix-like curls.

I washed my hands of everything

          to grasp the hem of Your dress;

I bound myself to You,

          for You are all I care about.

I shut my eyes to everything else

          in order to see You;

I rejected everything

          in desiring You.

I won’t walk the path of the sober,

          as I am drunk;

in my lowliness

          I gaze up at Your lofty stature.

I did not listen to any words

          that concern something other than You;

I sat in silence,

          since your commotion is within me.

I cut myself off from myself

          and then reached Your quarter;

I passed beyond negation,

          since I have Your affirmation.

I won’t complain

          if You won’t bestow light;

I am drunk from intimacy with you

          and enjoy Your friendship.

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