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The Waves of the Ocean of Love

For a lifetime, the intellect toyed with me

          on the path to the Beloved,

trying to convince me that I was in love

          with Your face.

But how can I even speak of Your sun-like love

          when I am but a shadow

caressed by the dancing flame

          of Your candle.

My imaginary existence was like the ripples

          on the water’s surface,

a pattern erased by waves

          of the ocean of love.

I have taken refuge in God

          from both reality and appearance

so that He might cure

          my self-existence.

Once He saw that I have no need

          for this world and the hereafter,

He ravished my heart and soul

          with His coquettish spell.

On my journey towards Him,

          I trampled upon both worlds:

on seeing me charge ahead fearlessly,

          He finally took my hand.

How can I set out on the hajj

          intending to see You

when the heart itself is my Kaaba,

          not some stone in Arabia?

I have told you about Nurbakhsh

          and the ups and downs of love’s path

so you will know that God alone

          has been the reason for my triumph.

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