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The Lovers Who Gamble Life Away

We are noble drunks, lovers ready

          to gamble our lives.

Everyone is proud of somebody;

          God is the pride of our lives.

If the Beloved wishes, we’ll give up

          spirit, heart and soul,

and if He permits we’ll throw our heads down

          at His feet.

The capital of Sufism is selflessness

          and contentment —

we have set our hearts on God and are in harmony

          with whatever He wills.

There’s room within our chests

          only for love and purity;

in the workshop of existence we are confidants

          of this mystery.

Until pain and suffering for His sake become

          the cure of our hearts,

we will not become involved with anything

          but love’s sorrow for Him.

We have donated the catch of both worlds

          to our Beloved.

We want no carcasses;

          we are falcons, not vultures.

At every moment God bestows light

          on our souls,

while we go racing passionately

          towards Him.

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