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The People of Loving-Kindness

We are the people of loving-kindness,

          leaders and guides of one another;

through the purity of love

          we are helpers of one another.

Though in body separate, we are all

          but one spirit;

we are all the soul, spirit, heart and beloved

          of one another.

We are all one people:

          without “you” and “I” there is only “we,”

all equal, all love, all companions

          of one another.

No one but us is allowed

          to enter our private quarters.

We are all tied to each other, all sympathetic

          with one another.

Each one would sacrifice himself

          for the other here.

All are candles and moths, all flowers and gardens

          for one another.

Without doubt, our assembly is

          an intimate retreat.

All are selfless, drunk and sober

          from one another.

The armies of the self

          have fled from us,

for we are fellow soldiers here,

          all commanders of one another.

Our pain requires

          neither doctor nor remedy.

We are all the cure and the patient

          for one another.

If you call for someone here,

          all will answer, “Yes!”

for all have one name; all are companions,

          cohorts of one another.

Our place is the house of love,

          full of passion and music,

for all are songs, reed pipes and lutes

          for one another.

O Nurbakhsh, it is from being without

          “I” and “we”

that we are the merchants and customers

          of one another.

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