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The Promise of Seeing Him

Tonight, with love we’re going

          to the door of the Friend;

in madness we’re setting out

          in search of the Beloved.

Tonight, we’ll leave behind

          the city of the self

and make our way to His lane

          on the promise of seeing Him.

Tonight, our jug is broken

          and our goblet lost;

unconscious of self we’re going

          to the vintner’s house.

Tonight, we’ll rend our garments

          at the feast of love and madness;

away from people’s eyes,

          we’ll pursue the Beloved.

Tonight, we’re drunk and filled with joy,

          and have the chance at last

to create an uproar, to cry out

          “hayy o hu” again and again.

Tonight, with wine we’ll wash away

          the intellect’s designs

and travel on the feet of love

          to pursue our quest.

Tonight, we’ve resolved to see

          that Light Bestower to the soul;

We’ll journey gracefully,

          like a planet orbiting the sun.

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