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We, the wine-drenched, are unconscious

          of “we” and “you.”

Our hearts are fervent;

          we are immersed in God’s love.

Don’t speak to us

          about the sober;

we are crazed for God,

          separated from everyone else.

We have no business with anyone

          in the two worlds.

We are not preoccupied with thoughts

          of how and why.

We are a sea on which

          all that’s been discarded can float,

yet, being the ocean of purity,

          we can never be polluted.

Unperturbed by good or bad,

          attached only to the Beloved,

we are waves stirred up in a fervor

          in the sea of fidelity.

We are a friend of the cupbearer

          of the wine house, and flat broke;

we are wrecked and annihilated

          in the tavern of ruin.

Until the sun shines, we will not turn our gaze

          from its direction;

we will climb to every rooftop

          until we see the moon. 

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