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Come, I have been freed from

          the bonds of self-worship.

Come, it is the time

          of love and union.

Once I’ve fashioned you into a mirror

          to reflect the Beloved,

I will give you eyes

          that can see God.

I know the road that those false claimants

          would take you on:

it begins with suffering and leads only

          to more suffering.

Our flower shop is filled with the roses

          of Divine Oneness,

for we have spent a lifetime

          gathering these blooms.

Whatever flower you seek

          can be found in this garden.

Come! You will regret it

          if you wander away.

The flower sold by the hand

          of loving-kindness

deserves to be placed on the breast

          and its fragrance inhaled continuously.

Nurbakhsh has the wealth

          of purity’s wares,

while the bankrupt trader in spirituality

          ends up only with his lament.

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