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Sing the Song of Unity

Offer up your whole being humbly

          to the wine,

then come to the khaniqah

          to discover the mystery.

Drink first with all your soul

          the dregs of the pain of love for Him,

then sing the song of Unity

          in the district of the Beloved.

By praising God, remove from your heart

          the thought of everything else;

become a stranger to yourself and

          make your prayer to Him alone.

When you wish to set foot in

          the circle of faqr and fana,

leave your self behind and

          abandon illusion.

If the desire for His face exists

          in your heart,

close your eyes to self and

          open them to the Friend.

Regard as a godsend the grace

          of the master’s presence;

cut short your speech and extend

          the hand of devotion.

Do not bother the Mahmud of the soul

          with the affairs of state;

sacrifice all to the forelock

          of Ayaz.

If you want your pilgrimage to be accepted

          like that of Nurbakhsh,

abandon Mecca and circle

          the Kaaba of the heart.

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