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I saw how good Your pledge was

          in Your faithfulness;

I am content, heart and soul,

          with whatever You wish.

I have surrendered myself and

          all thoughts of possession or lack;

out of desire for You I have cut myself off

          from everyone.

I, like the cup, am delighted with

          whatever You pour in me;

I smile whether You give

          or withhold.

Whatever my heart beholds,

          You are what it sees,

since everything other than You has been erased

          from its view.

Without security my heart risked all

          to buy You with the currency of love;

it had to give the world and all existence

          to meet Your price.

People say that the Kaaba

          is Your abode,

unaware that Your footprint is everywhere

          and You are in everything.

If for years there has been no news

          of Nurbakhsh

it’s because he’s been residing

          at the threshold of Your palace.

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