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Go wherever the reed player

          of love calls you.

Go wherever you smell the fragrance

          of love and fidelity.

In the realm of love there’s no difference

          between khaniqah and tavern.

Go to any school that teaches you

          the abandonment of carnal self.

It has never been love’s custom

          to wear white.

Follow the path that your heart tells you

          to pursue.

As long as you are trapped in the lasso of “I” and “we”

          you’ll remain wretched.

Go and become trapped by the one

          who gives you love and sustenance.

Go and drink that wine that burns

          your self-existence.

Go to the wine seller who’s giving away

          the wine of fana.

Turn away from the gathering place

          of the self-worshipers.

Go to the tavern that gives away

          wine of love and purity.

The master of love has decreed, “A true human being

          should not be without pain.”

Follow the one who gives you

          pain and calamity.

In the gathering of love, don’t become careless

          in your service to the cupbearer.

Follow the one who’s bestowing wine

          without pretension and ego.

Listen to Nurbakhsh and let go

          of shadows.

Go to the place where the sun bestows

          its loving light.

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