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Don’t speak of “I” and “you”

          in the banquet of wine-worshipers;

don’t speak of yourself

          in the gathering of lovers.

When you sit in the circle of madness,

          be silent;

don’t be conscious of your existence and

          don’t speak of intelligence and cleverness.

The bird of my heart longs

          for the Friend;

don’t speak of the virgins and

          the palaces of paradise.

Don’t speak of the fables

          of past events and times

to the one who has turned his back

          on the created world.

Don’t speak of the attributes

          of gems and precious stones

to the lover whose ruby-like heart

          is bloodied.

Don’t ask about the creed of people of existence

          from those who do not exist;

don’t speak of religion, unbelief,

          knowledge and foresight.

Don’t ask Nurbakhsh about anything

          other than purity and fidelity;

don’t speak to him about people

          who break their vows.

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