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My heart is severed

          from both worlds,

from yesterday, today

          and tomorrow.

It has stepped outside the world,

          beyond space,

freed from the bounds of the earth,

          past the Pleiades.

My heart has forgotten the maelstrom

          of “I” and “we”;

it has broken its ties

          with everything.

My heart has turned away from all thoughts

          of worldly affairs,

severed its ties with all things

          apparent and hidden.

From one side it has reined in

          vain yearnings,

from the other side it abandoned

          all needs.

My heart has washed its hands of the world

          of happiness and sorrow;

it has cut off the rope

          of pointless desires.

Where has this heart of mine settled?

          I do not know!

It has erased all thoughts except

          the memory of the Friend.

He is the only being existing

          in the world;

He has cut out the tongue of “I” and “we”

          from his chosen few.

O Nurbakhsh, stop talking!

          Those who have heard of

the Friend’s attributes have severed

          their ties to the world.

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