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From Tavern to Tavern

Last night this fine point was explained

          and passed from moth to moth:

that “we” and “you” creates

          fable after fable.

Nothing but the candle must be sought;

          nothing but the candle must be seen.

Thoughts of “I” and “we” do not belong

          in love’s district.

Look with the eye of the heart!

          Hidden in your chest is the treasure

that you are seeking as you travel

          from ruin to ruin.

“He is the attractor; He is the attracted.

          He is the seeker; He is the sought.”

This statement was passed along in our circle

          from madman to madman.

There is but one wine in the goblet,

          though I have heard it called by

a thousand names while going

          from tavern to tavern.

If you are truly our companion, be valiant

          and pass from this self.

Give up heart and religion at once

          to the Soul of souls.

When love became the architect

          in the Kaaba of our hearts,

an idol-temple was erected

          in every direction.

The light that God bestows He gives

          without asking, how or why.

Why then do you wander uselessly

          from place to place?

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